Today, in remembrance of the events of March 11th, 2011, we are proud to announce the launch of our new Interview Collection.

In keeping with our educational and pedagogical objectives on themes related to disaster in Asia, the collection of oral history and documentary interviews are the latest additions to our online resources for students and educators. We hope that the utilization of these new resources will continue to contribute to various methods of classroom teaching.

These multimedia learning resources were made possible with thanks to all of the interviewees and a team of international interviewers and translators.

We’ll be updating the language availability of our Interview Collection as we go along, so stay tuned to forthcoming language content on Twitter at @Teach_311. We welcome all contributions of translations and annotations to add to our existing collection. Reach out to us and join our collaboration to help make these video interviews accessible to more classrooms.


Thank You.

Grace Teo (Video Curator)

Help Make These Videos More Accessible!

Willing to translate our interviews? Send us a message below, or write to our video curator Grace Teo at grac0019 [at] to help make these videos accessible to more classrooms.

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