WEBSITE: Earthquake School in the Cloud: Citizen Seismologists in Taiwan [台灣地震學園]

“Earthquake School in the Cloud: Citizen seismologists in Taiwan.” Accessed December 07, 2014. “Taiwan dizhen xueyuan (台灣地震學園).” Accessed December 07, 2014.   This Taiwan-based website is a resource platform that provides games and stories to educate citizens about seismology,


Editors’ Note: This is a Chinese translation of a Teach 3.11 annotation. We invite volunteers to translate and/or contribute content in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese languages. Thank you. 編輯的話: 本文為本站已發表的英文摘要之中文翻譯,我們誠摯地邀請有志者協助我們翻譯或撰寫韓文,日文,或中文的摘要。謝謝。 書本章節:「起始與暫緩: 國民黨,科學,與科技」(Greene, 2008) Greene, J. Megan. 2008. “Starts and Stops: