Remembering the Night of Noah: Flood Memory and Townsville’s Floods of 1998 and 2019 :: Rohan Lloyd (Australia)


The New Teach311 + COVID-19 Collective

Teach311 + COVID-19 is a collective of educators, researchers, artists, students and survivors spanning disciplinary and linguistic boundaries who study and teach about disasters. Our collaborative process encourages empathetic inquiry into the past, and shares those stories for the future.

The Sidoarjo Mudflow and the Muddiness of Environmental Disaster :: Anto Mohsin (Qatar) is pleased to introduce the inaugural essay of the “Terms of Disaster” collection. This essay collection, co-curated with Arcadia, examines the historical setting and re-setting of the conditions and context of disaster due to human language and word choices. We’ll be posting more essays soon, so