Film screening and Q&A with Director Ian Thomas Ash

When: 4 – 6 p.m. (3:45 doors open), Saturday, 11 October 2014
Where: HSS Auditorium, Nanyang Technological University
14 Nanyang Dr., Singapore 637332

Free and open to the public.

Directed by Ian Thomas Ash (2013), the documentary shows eighteen months after the nuclear meltdown, children in Fukushima are suffering from severe nose bleeds and are developing skin rashes and thyroid cysts and nodules. Citing a lack of transparency in the official medical testing of their children and the ineffectiveness of the decontamination of their homes and schools, the children’s mothers take radiation monitoring into their own hands.

Sponsor: A public screening as part of the workshop, Exposure and Effect: Measuring safety, environment and life in Asia (11-12 Oct. 2014), sponsored by Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
in collaboration with the History Programme and the Humanities, Science, and Society Research Cluster (HSS@HSS) at Nanyang Technological University, and Teach 3.11.

Film website: http://www.a2documentary.com/

Photo credit: ©Uchujin Adrian Storey 2013

About the filmmaker:
Born in the U.S., Ian Thomas Ash earned an MA in Film and Television Production at the University of Bristol, UK, in 2005. At the 2012 Rhode Island International Film Festival, Ian’s film ‘In the Grey Zone’ (89 min/ Japan/ 2012), about children living in Fukushima after the nuclear meltdown, won the “Audience Choice Award First Prize for Best Documentary”, and at the same festival Ian was presented with the “Filmmaker of the Future Award”. Ian’s second film about children living in Fukushima, ‘A2-B-C’ (71 min/ Japan/ 2013), received the “Nippon Visions Award” (best film by new-coming Japan-based director) at the 2013 Nippon Connection Film Festival (Germany), the “Best of Festival” award at the 2013 Guam International Film Festival, the award for “Best Documentary” at the 2013 STEPS Rights Film Festival (Ukraine), and a Special Recognition at the 2014 Uranium Film Festival (Brazil). ‘-1287‘, Ian’s latest documentary, will begin screening in the autumn of 2014. Ian has lived in Japan for 12 years and currently lives in Tokyo.



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