FILM: A Is For Atom (1953)

Urbano, Carl, John Sutherland Productions. 1953. A is for Atom, YouTube video, 15 min, posted by “nuclearvault,” Jul 30, 2009, This animated short was sponsored by General Electric, one of the key U.S. manufacturers of electric appliances, power generation stations, and nuclear weapon

FILM: Cold War Scenarios For Introducing Nuclear Energy To Japan (1995)

NHK. 1995. Genpatsu Dōnyū Shinario ~ Reisenka no Tainichi Genshiryoku Senryaku 原発導入シナリオ ~冷戦下の対日原子力戦略 [Cold War Scenarios for Introducing Nuclear Energy to Japan]. YouTube video, 45 min, posted by “naga2218,” Mar 27, 2011, This NHK documentary tries to shed light on how Japan, the only nation