The multi-language educational project Teach 3.11 launched shortly after March 11th, 2011 in an effort to introduce resources to help “teach the disaster” through the lens of history of science, technology, environment, and medicine in global East Asia. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the triple disasters, we would like to recognize and thank our volunteers who have produced the lay summaries of scholarship and multimedia that appear throughout the Teach 3.11 web site. These volunteers, who include undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, span time zones, languages, institutions, and disciplines. We are grateful for and proud of our volunteers, who make it possible for Teach 3.11 to serve as a sign of international solidarity and a way to remember the estimated 15,000 who died and the 3,000 who remain missing after the devastations of March 11th.

The work of Teach 3.11 aims to strengthen a foundation for teaching about this calamity and encourage the collective wisdom of scholars working in various languages at the intersections of history of science, technology, and Asia. As we commit to a second year of activity, Teach 3.11 will focus on producing new content as well as increasing translations of existing content in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The resulting collection of postings will amount to an online multilingual, annotated bibliography that teachers, students, and scholars of any discipline may continue to find useful into the future.

Teach 3.11 seeks new volunteers to write short annotations (and translations) in English, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese in order to fulfill these goals. Students as well as faculty are warmly invited to contribute through this web page. To volunteer, or to send the Teach 3.11 team feedback, please email teach3eleven -at- or “follow” @Teach_311 on Twitter.

Please also feel free to visit the STS Fukushima Online Forum, to peruse a provocative suite of essays co-sponsored by Teach 3.11 that have been made available for online discussion.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Teach 3.11 editorial team

Another Year of “Teaching the Disaster” through History of Science and Technology
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